10% discount for my lines

10% discount for my lines

10% discount for my lines

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10% discount for my lines

Hi I have 6 lines with fido  (2 tablet and 4 cellphone). they are active since November and I have yet to recieve any 10% discount for the multiple lines.


Wandering what is the proccess?


and I have had a price increase for 4 of my lines from $40 to $45 per month....


Thanks for any help



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The 10% monthly discount usually starts as of the first or second invoice.


@Sjdjdjwj, I will send you a PM in just a bit to check things out.




Hello @Sjdjdjwj,


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Data only and Home Phone lines are not eligible for the second line discount, out of the 4 cell lines you have 3 of them would qualify for the second line discount but it also depends on the plan you have.


Some plans are not eligible for the second line discount, and for the looks of it you have the Black Friday or was it Boxing Day $40 plan, that is most likely the reason you did not get the second line discount.


Fido sent out a notice a few months ago on your statement about the price increase on that specific plan.


@FidoKenny just for clarification the second line discounts gets added when you activate the plan and you do not have to wait 3 months for that to happen? 



Hey @Sjdjdwj and thanks for reaching out Smiley

Were the lines active for at least 90 days?

Only then that the discounts would be applied.

Let us know.