10 Years With Fido And They Cant Offer Me A Monthly 10 Discount To Get The Phone I Want

10 Years With Fido And They Cant Offer Me A Monthly 10 Discount To Get The Phone I Want

10 Years With Fido And They Cant Offer Me A Monthly 10 Discount To Get The Phone I Want

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10 Years With Fido And They Cant Offer Me A Monthly 10 Discount To Get The Phone I Want

Hey Fido Community


Just here to vent i guess. The subject header is a shadow of what me and my wife feels about a service provider with whom we have been so long for.


My wife is on 57 smart plan which included

-unlimited nation calling & roaming

-unlimited text picture and video message internationally

-2Gb of Data per month.

-Iphone visual voicemail included


We are extremely happy with the plan and had renewed this twice. Based on her usage - 2 GB is what she needs and all the other stuff all ties in. She couldnt be happier


Recently her aging iphone 5 started to show its age and she fell in love with the iphone 6 plus. She walked into the wireless wave where she was told as far as offering the phone on a subsidy plan they cant do anything and they should contact CSR to find out what could be offered. They also reminded her that she should keep her plan because it was a sweet plan that was not offered to anymore.


Remind you she is on a month to month for over 6 months.



She called in Fido CSR and she spoke to someone who told her that they can't do nothing for her and that she needs to go on a max plan use her fido dollars receive a $50 dollar credit. She hung up politely saying it was not something she was ready to do


I called on her behalf since the account is under my name. I explained to her that my wife has been wanting a new phone particularly the iphone 6 + but was not ready to change her monthly payment as she is very satisfied with what she had.


The CSR was really nice and said based on our requirement - she can offer a $70 Max plan with a $5 credit for 6 months. apply my fido dollars + 75 dollar on phone credit and + hup fee of $25 waived to get us an iphone 6+ 16gb.

The total cost of the phone with tax would be 224 taxes in. I politely said that i was ready to pay that but wanted to lower the plan rate per month to $60. The $70 max plan would be everything she has but 3GB of data and spotify for 2 years(which i am sure she would never use)


Inspite of that i went over the deal with my wife but she said that she was not ready to pay 13 more in 6 months to what she was paying now. I felt the CSR (****) really tried but lost our deal.


So here i am asking my fellow fido er - was it too much to ask to Fido. Never late on payment as my payment was attached to my credit card. I wanted this a  valentines gift for my wife but never came through.


Today i will call Fido and ask them to put a note that i will be cancelling the service and to put a note in the system so that the number is not given out as i will be porting this to Telus who has offered us a 16gb iphone 6+ with 3gb of data with the same features she has now. Its a corporate plan that we get from work and i had asked fido if they offered the same as we work for GOC but they said they could match a plan. The upfront cost of the iphone 6+ was 250 posted on smart****.ca


Will Fido really watch Telus take away a guranteed $60.00 customer away from them



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I thought iPhone6 (NOT 6S) is allowed for SMARTPLAN?

We are on the same boat.15yrs with fido and they cant offer me something worth staying. I asked for the the same plan that "TARGETED" CUSTOMERS ARE GETTING but turned down repeatedly. In all my renewals over the years, fido never offered me credits or waive HUP fee. So I will be going to Telus as well for their ($60, with 3GB)

Hi there babhymahal


The iPhone6 is indeed allowed with a Smart Plan 😃 Sorry if there was any confusion about that!


The cost of the iPhone6 16GB is:

- $269 +tx with a Max Plan & a Tab24 agreement

- $419 +tx with a Smart Plan & a Tab24 agreement

- $619 +tx with a Standard Plan & a Tab24 agreement

- $774 +tx without a Tab 

I'd be happy to take a look at your options with you 😃
We wouldn't want to lose you, specially since you have been with us for so long!
I'll send you a PM. Hope to talk soon!

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I have beena customer since Day 1 (Cantel) and Fido is clearly not interested in keeping my business. They are removing credits and trying to make me feel lucky that I am not having to pay $100/month for what I now pay $60 for..


Wow..thanks for the loyalty

Hey @screwthepooch

I've replied to your PM.

Feel free to reply back if you need anything.


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I'm Qualified Level 2

Just a quick note on transfering your phone number to another carrier: do not cancel your account with your current carrier (Fido, in your case). When you sign up with another carrier, you just inform them that you want to keep your number, and they'll take care of that. When Fido gets the request, they'll get the hint that you're cancelling your account.


If you cancel your account first, your phone number is lost. It's not something special with Fido, it's like that for any carrier.


Maybe you knew that already, but the way you worded it made me conclude that you didn't; I wouldn't want you to get a bad surprise.

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Thanks ZYX


i always get confused with the internet and phone proceedures with the cellphone


My mind is drilled with the whole 30 day notice. But yes - with my phone - i didnt cancel per say - when they couldnt match the price i just told them to keep a note in the system that i am cancelling incase the porting had a problem.


So yeah - i didnt mean to say i am calling to cancel but just as a courtesy reminder to Fido.


Hey @jamilism and welcome to the Community Smiley

It's really sad to see that you're planning to leave us for another provider.


There's no subsidy offered with the Iphone 6s + on a Smart plan unfortunately.

As much as we would like to match a corporate plan offered by another carrier, those are not plans that we have available on our end.

I would still like to take a look at your options if you don't mind. We don't want to lose you, specially since you have been with us for more than 10 years.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into Smiley


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Hey Kenny


I always loved Fido. the reason i left fido myself was the plan offered at work was just too good to pass.


But if you can make something nice for my wife ! This would be sweet !


I know you guys can pull something nice for us

No problem @jamilism.


I just sent you a PM.


Hope to talk to you soon Smiley