10 Gig for $60 deal

10 Gig for $60 deal

10 Gig for $60 deal

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10 Gig for $60 deal

Ive been trying all day to get the 10G of data for $60, and it's been fruitless.  I tried to call and mobile chat - nothing, I coldn't even get through.  Went into a store and they not-so-pleasantly informed me that I had to do it through customer service.  i then learned I could do it online through the Fido Self-Serve feature ... however ... this plan isn't listed in any of the plans that are available to me.


I had a 6gig plan that I went over last month becase my internet went out.  I got the 3g top up, and forgot to cancel it this month ... and so I'm paying $110 for this $60 plan.  I'd really like to have it!  


How can I make this happen?!?

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What a joke !!!! Ya well atleast your not undervalued like pre-paid clients are!!!!!! Must be nice Mr.CEO sitting at home just chillin drinking a beer and or vacatioing some where warm, spending all of the company money....woohoo......Fido RIP OFF!!!!!

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Same problem as well... cannot reach anyone. 

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My wife and I have different plans.  She has the pulse medium tied up to 2 year term and I have BYOD plan w/o contract.  The $60 5gig plan shows in the change plan option when my number is selected but doesn't in my wife's.  I believe it is only available if you are not in contract or term.

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Seems correct. Try the response provided in this post?




I am able to see the correct plan on the website but when logged in the 10GB/$60 is no longer an option for me. I also have a plan and will need to buy out of that plan.


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You will have to select the $60 5gb plan. The other 5gb will automatically be added by Fido, it can take up to 2-3 billing cycles for it to be added but it will be added.

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I don't have any plans listed for $60 that have 5gig of data. Nothing. There are two listed for $60 in the medium category ... One that doesn't have ANY data listed and the other that has 500Mb.