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Hey Community!


Do you find it odd how we’re always strapped for time? No matter how well we organize our time, we’re still left with little or none to spare?  Maybe we’re programmed to keep busy, or maybe we’re just bad at managing our free time. Either way, one thing certainly we’re good at, is finding ways to try to solve this dilemma: Cutting corners, taking shortcuts, skipping steps, not reading the manual…


Well here’s a clear cut way to save time: Reaching us by Direct Message on Twitter!


Twitter allows you to easily have a direct, secure, continuous chat with a live Fido representative – without having to follow the page. You can keep track of the conversation and respond at your own convenience. How about that for a time saver?


Twitter will include a new page layout with a bigger, easier-to-find direct message button, and published service times so you know when you can expect to get help. The profile also allows Fido to pin the most timely, service-related tweets on our newsfeeds so you can find the most relevant information quickly.


Talking about skipping steps two at a time; never mind the phone call, reach us by Direct Message on Twitter. To start a conversation, just go to @FidoSolutions, or @FidoMobile, and press the Message button and start messaging. It’s that easy.


Time is valuable, so doing business with us should be easy. That’s why we also made these other time-savers available to you:


  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Worry-free roaming with Fido Roam;
  • Fido’s unlimited home internet packages; and
  • The MyAccount app, which includes tips tailored to your device.


Support on Twitter is available at Fido between 8:00 a.m. to midnight, EST


The digital age is pretty sweet isn’t it?