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Why I can’t access data usage

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I've used the app for years and when I know my data is close to used up or any time for that matter that I try to use the app to check to see my Data usage I have for years now got a message saying I can't access the info at this time please try again. This is done on purpose for the same reason there is free alcohol and no clocks on the wall at casinos because the law of averages dictates the more people that can't access their data usage will go over their data limit allowing Fido to sponge up more of their money 


don't tell me about how we get a warning when usage is almost up and that the data stops charging. The only reason that was introduced is because so many people complaining. Because before Fido was more then happy to let you go over your data with no warning or cut off. Even now wth the warning they still make it policy to design the app so most of the time you will not be shown your data usage because it makes them money. The same principle of the Nokia phone they introduced when Fido first started 

If you did not know to lock the phone it would pocket dail call random numbers if any one button was pushed. Myself and all my friends had story's of being charged for epic long pocket dails from this phone. They would say well I guess you should have locked your phone. And not admit the phone was designed and introduced to ramp up charges 
these actions are in the interest of money and not in the customers best interest 

DESIGN YOUR APP TO GIVE CUSTOMERS DATA USAGE INFO  all the time!!!! Right now and since forever I get my usage info 1 time in every 4 attempts it's total BS 



Hey @Joephone22,


I understand that not being able to keep a close eye on your data usage must be an extremely frustrating situation and I'm sad to read that you've been having these troubles for a while. 


I can assure you though that our App is created with our customers in mind as we are always working on improving the experience in order for you to be able to check your usage at all times. The troubles you are experiencing are not intended behavior and I can also assure you that it is certainly not done on purpose. Technical difficulties may happen, and we are always here to help solve them. Our main goal with the app is to allow all our customers to check their unbilled usage at all times to avoid any unpleasant charges.


Based on what you're describing, we'd need to open a ticket with our technical support to have this fixed asap. You can either reach out to us here or we can send you a PM on the Community to help you out. Let us know what you prefer!