We’ve hit a snag

We’ve hit a snag

We’ve hit a snag

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We’ve hit a snag


ı've been getting this "We've hit a snag" error for over a goddamn month now. I tried deleting and reinstalling countless times, changed password a couple of times, tried changing my app store account and region, tried it with wifi and cellular data and even changed my phone. I am currently using an Iphone 12 and its fully up to date. Nothing seems to fix this problem. Please help.

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Hi YMreal.

At first, you can try to clear your browsing history!

I think your situation will be resolved.

Have a nice one Smiley


Hi there @YMeral and welcome to the Community!


Aside from the ''We've hit a snag'' message, is there any other error message you are getting?


Also, are you trying to log in with your email address or phone number as login ID?