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Unable to use Fido XTRA

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hello l hope someone can help me with assessing my XTRA data


I have 5GB Fido Pulse Plan-Extra Large and my device is IPhone X. Both of IOS and Fido my account app is up to date. However,  it seems like l don’t have the “data bytes” banner that everyone is talking about. So l am just wondering how to activate the XTRA data? Anyone experiencing this issue? 



Carlos Y.



Hello @Carlosyin8


Based on what you said, you should definitely be able to use your Data Bytes, so let's try a few things.


1. Can you confirm that you are on the Fido network while trying to use your Data Bytes?

2. Can you make sure you're logged in to your account using your own phone number?

2. Can you try to power off and on again the phone, then reinstall the app if you still don't see it? 


If it's still not fixed, I invite you to reach out to us directly by visiting this page


Hope it helps!