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Payment through Fido App Delayed?

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Hello Fido team, I paid my account balance in full today via credit card payment on the Fido My Account app. The app says my account balance is zero. I received an email from Fido entitled "Credit card payment confirmation" stating my account balance is now zero. BUT if I login into My Account via, it says I still owe the balance I just paid. My payment shows under Payment History as well. In addition, I called 611 and it says my account balance is zero. So, what's happening with


To summarize,


Paid full account balance through Fido app via credit card payment.


Fido App states zero balance.

Calling 611 confirms zero balance.

Email received stating payment received and account balance is zero. says I still owe full balance as if I didn't pay.


I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

UPDATE: I logged out of the Fido App and logged back in. As well, I cleared the cache on my web browser. Now, is displaying my 0.00 account balance. I believe this is related the new Fido app update because this wasn't an issue in the past paying by credit card on the mobile app. Hopefully if any other customers experience a similar issue this will help them! Smiley

Thanks for sharing @nick67 !


I'll forward this feedback to the appropriate team