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My Fido app will no longer let me use facial recognition

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

For about a month now, my Fido app will no longer let me use facial recognition to sign in. It also does not keep my account as "remembered" so I have to put in my email anytime I need to sign in. Which is not that big of a deal but I have clicked "remember sign in" since it has started needing the email entered each time I sign in, it brings me to my iPad account first. Before it was my cell phone and I can no longer access my 5-free 1 hour data sessions.


Is there a way I can fix this? Where it would show my number when I sign in rather than my iPad?



Hello @Amanda151,


Welcome to the community!


Currently, Fido is aware that the app requires you to log in each time, and they are working on it. That is also why you cannot use FaceID at the moment as you do need to manually log in.


They are also aware of the Data Bytes not working for some users and are currently working on that also, they do have a temporary solution for the time being that you can try, please see here for that.