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Missing lines on MyAccount App

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

The USAGE tab on My Account app only shows the data/call/text usage for the main phone line with data.


It doesn't show any other tablet lines I have on the account. So In order to see data usage on the tablet plans, it takes me to Fido website to login to my account.  Not very convenient really.


Is this just me or is this in general the issue.


I always wished I know how much data gets consumed on all my devices.  Anybody same issue?



Hey @fiedospuppies Very_Happy


This usually happens when you sign up for your online account and use the ''Subscriber'' registration rather than the ''Account Holder'' option.

Only the account holder would be able to see the usage for all the lines!


However, it's indeed odd that you can access the usage when you log in using the website.


Are you using your email address as the username for both the app and the website?