Infinite loop of fido extra perk

Infinite loop of fido extra perk

Infinite loop of fido extra perk

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Infinite loop of fido extra perk



Fido extra perk never works on me. Apparently, Fido extra perks only work on the fido app. But if I go to my fido app I only find out that "Fido is sorry" cuz they couldn't find the page. I get a tempting notification from time to time about the fido extra, so I click. And, fido is sorry because it couldn't find the page. It happens every time! Seriously, is there a trick how you can possibly see fido extra on your app??






Hey @Kkim21


Welcome to the Community 😊


Sorry to learn you're having trouble accessing the Fido Xtra weekly perks. They are indeed only available through the app, but you should be able to access them and benefit from them!


Are you able to see the Fido XTRA banner in the More tab in the bottom right corner of the Fido app? If so, can you try to access it from there to redeem it?


If this doesn't work, can you try to uninstall/install the app if not already done?


Let us know how it goes.