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How to get offer for my services listed with Fido Xtra

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



How can I offer promotional discounts through Fido extra for my business?

please guide.



Kuldeep K.



Hello @Kuldeepkumar,


You can find the information in the Fido Xtra section on the app.



An invitation to Canadian businesses


Right now, supporting Canadian businesses is more important than ever, and Fido XTRA is proud to make a special place for businesses of all sizes from across the country. With your help, more businesses from here can be featured in Fido XTRA.

If you own or work for a business interested in being featured in Fido XTRA for an offer, the following information will be needed to evaluate the opportunity.

  • Name of the business

  • Contact details: name, email, phone number

  • Description of the products or services

  • Location(s) in Canada

  • Website link

  • If you operate a bilingual online store

  • Delivery coverage area: Please indicate if delivery is available anywhere in Canada. If it is not the case, please specify for which regions delivery is offered.

  • If you are interested in providing an exclusive offer

Please email your collaboration suggestions as well as the above information to

Note: Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reply to all messages but rest assured, we will review all the propositions that we receive.