How To: DeviceAdvice

How To: DeviceAdvice

How To: DeviceAdvice


How To: DeviceAdvice

Hey Community!


Wondering how to use DeviceAdvice? Check out how easy it is:


Launch the My Account app and select the menu option at the top left corner. Select help, and then DeviceAdvice


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You’ll be greeted with a welcome page and some general information.  Once you click Let’s Get started, you’ll land on the DeviceAdvice homepage:


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On this page, you can scroll through Alerts and Smart Tips that pertain specifically to your device.  You also have the option to ask questions, or select Details to check out other recommendations, tutorials, Device details, and app suggestions.


Selecting the ASK button brings you to this page:


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Here, you can ask questions just as you would when searching the web. For example: “Why does my battery drain quickly?”


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The results will include recommendations, as well as more options, which includes links to the Fido Community and the Get Support page on



 Capture 6.JPG



With certain questions, DeviceAdvice will even provide actionable answers. For example, if you search “How do I turn on Bluetooth?” DeviceAdvice will actually provide you with the option to turn Bluetooth ON directly through the app!


Capture 7.JPG


Pretty cool eh? So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourselves via your My Account app directly on your device!