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Fido app updated!? Need login to view usage and Fido perks?

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hello all,


I noticed the Fido app got updated recently and now requires a login and password to:

1. View usage

2. Activate Fido Extra hour of data.

3. Fido perks.


Is this intentional? 


I have 2 lines and I am not comfortable putting my login and password to the user on my 2nd line.  The login name and password allows for total access and control of all my account information thus changes can be made without me knowing.


Please change it back to before where any user with a fido SIM card can do the 3 items above without login information. Thanks.



Hello @EFTC 


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us here, it's much appreciated.

We actually tested this on our side, and you should be able to see the usage on the 2nd line without login in.


Which phone model is used for that 2nd line?


Also, are you both on the latest version 4.14.0?


Can you also try to reinstall the app on that line to see if you get the same result?





I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

I checked the app again. You are correct. If you look near the bottom of the screen there is a place for you to just type in your phone number and txt message confirmation code and you can view the 3 items I mentioned above without using Fido log in name and password. My apologies as I missed that previously.


Thanks for the response.