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Fido Xtra button doesn't work

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

i Have the Fido App and on there is the Fido Xtras contest pages. After looking through all of the contests, I agree to the terms and conditions and then the submit button doesn't work. 

Everything else seems to be working fine and I've contacted support on numerous occasions but no one can offer a solution...kept being told the marketing department will be notified but nothing changes. 

anyone else experience this bug/glitch? All I want to do is submit my name for a contest entry and not have to bend over backwards to hit submit. 



Hello @Dwjones83,


Welcome to the community! 


Were you able to click on the submit button? Even if you don't receive a confirmation.


If you were, take a look at the History tab in FidoXTRA. If you won anything, it would be shown there.



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi there, unfortunately no, I can't click on the submit button. It doesn't do anything and I have checked my history with nothing there. 


Hey @Dwjones83!


Thanks a ton for the update. We do believe we have a solution for you.


This seems to be related to the app's cache. Are you on Android or iOS?


For iOS, please delete and re-install the app from your iPhone.


For Android, please go to your phone settings, then applications, and clear the cache for the Fido app. Once that's done delete and re-install the app.


Test it again and let us know how that goes!