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Fido Extra - Ultimate Dinning card $5 e-promo - processed by

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hello Fido Team,


Thanks in advance for this Ultimate Dinning Card Promo.  It appears that getting the bonus card using an iphone has created some minor issues.  After I click the yellow button "GET YOUR E-PROMO CARD", it opened up safari (or chome) and I get a message "Invalid Card Number" on the screen.


After doing some digging, I have discovered that Safari (and Chrome) for iphone has identified the following website uses trackers (a.k.a. cookies) and flagged it:

  • (,

Since I only use Chrome and not Safari as my primary browser, I can safely conclude that the website that issues the promotion card "might" not follow apple's privacy policy.


Note this issue does not affect Andriod users.


Anyway, for those who ecountered this issue, the work around is to copy the link from the address bar into a computer web browser and obtain the gift card that way.


If someone has any suggestions how to work around this issue that would be great.


Thanks in advance.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I received this this morning answered immediately when I was told limited quantities .clicked on button and told all out 


Hello @Lunathetuna,


Welcome to the community!


Thanks for sharing your experience and keeping us updated. 

Sorry to hear you weren't able to get one as they are limited. 

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Just to update anyone who has issues.


Apparently it has nothing to do with iphone's security and privacy issue.  When the Fido app generates a link to the web browswer to load the information, some extra information was added behind the link thus creating this error message.  After you click the yellow "Get your E-Promo card" button in Fido iphone version app, a link gets generated and forwarded to the browswer of choice (Safari or Chrome) with the following information  (Note I have replaced the card number with XXXX for my privay reasons "" .  The extra information "&" is what caused the error.  Once you remove it, you should be able to access the gift card. 


When I use the Android verison of the Fido app, the extra information is not added to the link so that's why everything works.


Note: Fido App Version 4.17.0, 108.3 MB iphone.