Fido App not working

I'm a Participant Level 2 cytuser1
I'm a Participant Level 2

Fido App not working


I switched over to Fido roughly one week ago and I have not been able to get the app to work on my iPhone. Here are the facts:

  • I can reach my account on a browser, both on my PC and on my phone.
  • I have an iPhone 7 plus with 129 GB.
  • iOS 11.4.1
  • It is unlocked.
  • I was a Rogers user for years but switched over to Fido.
  • Everything else works on the phone and with Fido.
  • When I attempt to use the app it sends me the activation number, but, when I enter it I get the following error messages,

"Session Expired

Please re-login to continue using the MyAccount app. OK " and when I enter OK I receive:


"Hmm… Sorry, we’ve hit a snag. Please check back later"

I called support 2x but they were unable to help. Could someone please help! The app is completely unusable as it is.

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