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Fido App Spacing on Smaller Devices

I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3

Hello team, I wanted to provide some feedback on the spacing of the Usage tab on smaller-screen devices, for example, iPhone SE. I recently upgraded to a Pulse plan and now see DATA BYTES and FIDO XTRA which has pushed down my data/voice/text usage wheel to the bottom of the page.


I recommend putting the data/voice/text usage wheel at the TOP of the usage page. DATA BYTES and FIDO XTRA should be below it. Most people check the app to see their usage, it should be "top" priority. pun intended. Also, the "Nicholas ### log in to securely......" text should be removed entirely from Usage tab as the "Billing" tab at the bottom is used for billing. Please see the following 2 screenshots: first (left) screenshot shows the current app and its spacing on my iPhone SE and the second (right) screenshot shows my recommended new spacing, much cleaner and less scrolling. Please forward this feedback to the digital/app developers. Thank you!



Fido App.PNG -->Fido App 3 CUSTOM.png





Hey @nick67


Your feedback is really appreciated.

This will be shared with the team in charge.