Desjardins Monetico Plus app

Desjardins Monetico Plus app

Desjardins Monetico Plus app

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Desjardins Monetico Plus app



I use the Monetico Plus app from Desjardins for my company transactions and it no longer works on my iphone 7.  I have the Fido Service.  Please let me know what steps i must take to make my phone and the device work together to receive payments.


THank you



Hey @vega2299!


Congrats on your first post. Smiley


To help you out, I'll need to ask a few questions:


1. Do you have access to data on your phone?


2. Have you tried to update or remove/reinstall the app?


3. Is your iPhone IOS up to date?


Let us know.

Hey @vega2299!


Did you figure this out? 


We suggest contacting Desjardins to see if they've made any changes to their app.


Keep us posted Smiley