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Can't log back in after a Fido extra data sessions ends

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido clearly says I should be able to use my 5 extra hours of data sessions consecutively if I want. However, this is my first time using them this billing cycle and after one ends, the My Account app stops letting me log in (I enter my email and password which are presaved and correct, and it "loads", then the loading symbol goes away and nothing happens to the login screen). This has really messed up some time sensitive things for me as I don't currently have wifi and I was under the impression using the extra data sessions would go pretty smoothly, and it hasn't. Not sure what to do or how to fix it. I had to wait almost hours before the Fido My Account would let me log back in. This has happened three times now.



Hey @sunrom! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


Thanks for your feedack, I'll be happy to help you with our app. To do this, can you answer a few questions please:


What kind of device are you using, and is the OS up to date?


What version on the app are you using (you can find this information under the ''Support'' tab)?


Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?