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Bug report recovering password

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had some problems with the login process that I would like to report so your team can improve this part of the app's experience.

First of all, when I read the field username I tried some of the usernames I most use and none of them work and I didn't know if the problem was with the password or with the username, so I decided to go to forgot your password.
There, I realized that the username is the email, so I believe it would be better if the field was called email. 
As a user that sometimes don't read instructions, I put a common password I use always, that has all the requirements, but 2 things happened:
1. When I was typing, the state of the field was red, so I thought at first that I was putting something that wasn't allowed. Then I realized that it turned gray after the 8 characters. But it's not required to have all the requirements. My advice would be if all are required to check while you put each of the requirements, to see easily what you missed and the red field at the beginning makes me think I did something wrong right at the beginning. 
2. My common password contains * which is not one of the special characters. But as I've seen special characters as a requirement, at the beginning I didn't notice that * wasn't one of them. And I thought my mistake was with capital letters maybe. After 3 times trying it, I decided to read again the requirements, and it hit me.
Last and most important thing. When I saved my password a dialog saying"Sorry! Something went wrong. Please try again or check back later". I thought it was a connection problem, so I did the whole process again.. but in the meanwhile, I received an email saying that my password has been changed. This bug made me changed my password twice until I checked my email. I tried to login with the password and worked. I did the process again, to see if it was something momentary or if the sorry information would appear again. And it did it again, and that's why I wanted to report to you.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @tacianavk


Welcome to the Community Smiley


Happy to hear that you were able to successfully reset your password to access the Fido mobile app. You'll now be able to take full advantage of FidoXtra and your 5 extra hours of data!


Thank you for the feedback as well and for sharing this with the Community, I'll be sure to forward it to our digital team.