App audio issues

App audio issues

App audio issues

I'm a Participant Level 2

App audio issues

I have an APP on my phone (UCS) for making calls from a remote phone server.

When I use WIFI, all is good.


When I use celluelar, I connect but no audio.


Its like FIDO has the audio ports blocked.


How can I check this


Hello @James6123,


Did it ever work while on a mobile connection? As far as I'm aware Fido does not block any ports and it sounds like a configuration problem in your software.


Hey @James6123


That's odd. Were you ever able to use the audio with your app while on cellular?


Also, this happens indoor and outdoor as well?


Can you specify the phone model you use on your end?


@Community: Anyone using that app experiencing the same problem?

I'm a Participant Level 2

My phone is an iPhone XR. 

when I turn off my wifi, and activate the UCS app, the audio stops working even though I do get connection to the phone server located remotely. 
when I access with my wifi, through the internet , all works well


i know if audio ports are turned off on a net work router, the audio stops on the wifi. 

are there audio ports that are of a concern on the data side of internet acces through FIDO?