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5 extra hours of Data drained my remaining data

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I used an hour of fido free Data. 

When I had 6 minutes remaining I got a text from Fido saying I have used 75% of my Data. 

I shut it off immediately and proceeded to contact Fido. 

The support person was very nice and helpful. He has given me an extra 5 hours of data this month and next month. I appreciate this but it still does not explain why this large chunk of my data is gone that I've paid for and do not get back. This is completely at no fault of my own.  

This is only my second time using this free data service and it has not worked out either time but has then the first time all my data was gone. This second time now it says I used 18GB in less than one hour. 

This is not a bonus amount of data but really a thief to the data you already have. 


Why would I want a free service that ends up draining the limited amount of data that I pay for. 


In the chat with Fido support, he had even stated that this was an error while processing the session. 

He was really very kind and helpful but in the end I don't feel as though I can use this "extra" service without the thought of having all my data taken away. I don't feel as though an extra 5GB per month for two months equals the 18GB that was drained from my phone plan especially when it is an error on their end. 


Attached are pictures showing proof of the information M ntioned above. Q 







Good morning @GreyMang , sorry to hear that you are having issues with the 5 extra hours of data. After reading your issue,  I have been using my extra data on my morning walks and haven't had your issue happen to me. I wonder if it is a conflict with your settings or device. Did you receive @FidoAnthony dm in your messages? It's sounding like it needs to be looked at by Fido csr or technical assistance. I'm sure that they can help figure it out with you. Every problem has a solution,  it's just a matter of finding it. My experience with an issue has always been resolved positively. I hope you have the same experience. If you haven't received a message, check your folder by tapping on your profile pic at the top right of the screen and then check for messages. All the best 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido has definitely not fixed my problem.


Every time I go to this community I have to login. It is pointless to stay online for they take hours on between replies, plus it is always a different person. 


I've been asked for more screen shots. I don't understand how this does not prove my point as to what happened. 


For a LONG time customer of Fido I definitely do not feel I've gotten the service I deserve. 


I am not sure how much longer I intend to be a Fido customer. 


Hey @GreyMang,


Welcome to the Community!


That's definitely odd. We can definitely take a look at your account in order to see what happened. I'm sending you a PM via the Community. 


We hope to talk to you soon! 😀