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5 extra hours not working this month

Fido Employee
Fido Employee

On the 4th of May my 5 sessions became available again but each time I try to use them I get an error message:  "We've hit a snag, try again later".   I have reset the phone (Google Pixel 3).  Any other suggestions?


Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the fido app.  It went from version to but still hitting a snag.

Hey @snorlax141,


You do have the latest version that should have resolved the situation. Can you try clearing the apps cookies and cache to see if that helps?


If the situation persists, we might need to open a ticket on your account. Please contact us through these channels.

I cleared the fido apps cache and storage but there is no "clear cookies" feature.  I then restarted the phone and same results.  i will try contacting you through the channels offered.  Thanks.

Just got off the chat with fido.  They reset my services at their end.  I was told to restart my phone and test the 5 hour feature.  Whatever they did was the cure.  I am currently on a 1 hour unlimited Databytes session.  All good.  Thanks for your direction.


That's awesome! Thank you for letting us know.