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Ipads not in stock but in stock

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So I go to online chat a couple weeks ago to order a 32gb ipad air 2thats on promotion for 200 off.  Agree to a price and confirm with the chat agent the purchase and it would show up in a few business days.  Forward a week I see nothing arrive and contact through chat and find out that my order was cancelled because.


1.  They did not take the purchase from my credit card which I assume they would deduct from the card info fido has from my billing cycle.

2.  Its on backorder.

3.  I can order a mini instead, no offer to purchase on backorder.


So I decline a purchase of a mini at the same price as an air, forward another week today and I walk into a fido store and see the ipad display with the $200 off price listed on the no term price.  They check and come back saying they have stock, great I buy!   But then the price is not 439 but 639.... wtf.


Back to online chat to see if they can honor the initial price/order and no the system wont let.  Well why originally cannot you tell that there was stock at a local fido store...and why can't the order I agreed to and did not cancel myself all of the sudden be invalid.  Why have the promo at all?  Why couldnt a simple check to see if a local store had any in stock?  Why cannot you override the price when there was a mistake.  


Perhaps a system upgrade is in dire need along with some simple pricing display changes when a promo is no longer available.... now stuck with fido dollars that basically cannot be used when promotions are available ,almost reminds me of air miles...


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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

FidoFaiza wrote:

Hi @Riphen!


We are hoping to get some stock in 3 weeks. 

Hello Faiza,


May i ask if the discount of $200 and the data rate of $15 for 3GB monthly will be still valid if i receive the ipad air 2 in 3 weeks?

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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

Yes, the initial offer should still be valid. 

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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

Thank you Faiza

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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

So an update, after talking to several different customer service agents the best I can get is a $50 credit after purchasing at full price now, which is disappointing...  


But not as disappointing as to hear that KenRM is able to get his order honored at the promotional price when he ran into the exact same problem as I.  So all this time, I have been fed info that the system will not allow them to do anything with the promo over is purely BS.  Which obviously should not be a problem as it should be simple to provide a credit if I purchased at full price.  


I guess lession for everyone is to save your chat history whenever dealing with online chat as thats probably the only difference between what I and Ken did.

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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

Hi @sdfasdf!


The order was cancelled in your case, you told us you were going to visit a store instead of getting it through the customer service (which is from where the promo price is coming). 

We can't always apply an offer that is available for online/over- the-phone orders when you purchase a device in store. 



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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

When I called back to get an update on the status of the order they mentioned it was cancelled because the customer service rep did not process my credit card (I would have had no idea they did not process it as they did not ask me for credit card info I assumed they already have that info or that it would just come along in my monthly bill), they then said its back ordered and I could get the mini instead.  Also, the order was cancelled and i would have had no idea much like Ken did not know until he read this post, it would have been nice to be contacted in that case.  Anyways  I declined the offer of the mini and said I rather get the mini at store.  If I was offered an option to purchase at that time the air 2 i would have taken it if they could but I was not.  


I assume after all the notes and different reps on my account that things are getting quite confusing as to what actually happened.

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Re: Ipads not in stock but in stock

Got it! I can take a closer look at the account to see what happened exactly. 

I'll send you a PM in a few minutes. 


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