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cancel fido contract early?

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Hi everyone
i have about 6 months left on my fido contract and i would like to cancel due to a financial disposition i am in.
does anybody know how much this will cost me?
or a way out that won't cost me?
i can't afford to pay $45 a month anymore so this is why i have to get out now or i will be in debt.
kind regards



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Re: cancel fido contract early?

Hi everyone, just a quick clarification,

No one in the community can confirm your cost to cancel or the cost to buy out your Tab. You can verify that information yourself via your account homepage, or by contact customer service

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Re: cancel fido contract early?


Sorry to hear that you are wanting to cancel your agreement with Fido early. Have you tried calling customer care and letting them know the situation that you are in? I am sure that they would be more then accomodating to try and come to a resolution that would work. Also when you do call them you can ask them the cost to cancel as it is different for customers who have signed up at different times. You can also acquire this information via the live chat feature.
Hope that helps!

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Re: cancel fido contract early?

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Thanks for posting in our Technical Community!

This community is dedicated to technical issues and I noticed that your question related to your fido contract.


Our Fido Live Chat team will be able to help you out with the best option for you.


Please reach them on through the my account section.





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Re: cancel fido contract early?

They are other companies out there who can pay for your cancellation fees, and they cost much less than what you are paying. I'm a Fido customer and I’m thanking to leave this company soon for the same reason.
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Re: cancel fido contract early?

No real general answer to be honest. It depends on when you contract was activated, you always have the option of lowering your plan down to 15.00 monthly as well.. If it is for the fact that a cell phone bill is not affordable porting the number to get another bill really isnt the solution.


Best of luck.

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Re: cancel fido contract early?

I have NEVER heard of any company "PAYING" for your cancellation fee, But I DO know you can do a Transfer of Responsibility to someone elses name, providing you found someone willing to take over your plan and they pass a credit check, thus saving you from cancellation charges

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Re: cancel fido contract early?

yes, the details are critical. if you've just signed up and have a shiny new subsidized $700 phone, I doubt fido will say they "understand" and let bygones be bygones.


if it were me in that situation, I would estimate what subsidy was left on the phone and offer to settle the account for a reasonable amount.  That could be equal to the cancellation fee but normally the cancellation fees are excessive and unfair.  Fido likes to think of plan cancelleations as a profit centre.


Paolo's advice is best.  Find someone to sell your plan to, maybe on kijiji or e-bay or a phone forum.  You will likely have to pay a premium/incentive to the buyer but it will almost surely be cheaper than the fido gouging.  Other companies offering to cover the penalty only do it where they will profit more from the transaction (ie. long term contracts) so that is maybe not a good idea.

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Re: cancel fido contract early?

Hi everybody I am Fido customers since 5 years .I having same issues I am charged so much for my data every time. I just have no idea what to do here. I am paying more than 100 dollars for my bill.Everytime I use my cell phone I always switch off my data after usage. And at the same time when I talked to one of the representatives they suggested me to change my plan. And that’s the last thing I want to do. I am now thinking of cancel my contract early. Anybody have suggestions please help



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Re: cancel fido contract early?

Hey MANNY007!

I would suggest that you reconsider changing your plan. Most of the time, a change in your plan and options helps saving money on the over usage.

Here is a link to our monthly plans:

Here is a link to our data options:

And here is a link to additional options like call display or long distance calling:

I really hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes! Smiley Happy

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cancel fido contract early?

I have until september of 2013 for my contract to expire, I am looking into cancelling my service early. My contract was renewed on september 2010. Any ball park range on how much it might be?

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