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$40 Standard Plan + $12 Value Pack (includes Unlim Canadian LD) = Unlimited Canadian calling?

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Just wondering if adding the $12 VP to the $40 standard plan allows me to make unlimited calls from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada. 


... or is the $40 voice plan "zoned"?



Sorry, I know the answer must be in here somewhere but I went as far back as Sep '12 and I couldn't find it. Also, I can't find a search box either. 


Thanks in advance everyone!




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Re: $40 Standard Plan + $12 Value Pack (includes Unlim Canadian LD) = Unlimited Canadian calling?

Hey fidouser2004!

If you have the $40 Standard plan and the $12 value pack, yes, you would have Canada-wide calling ( outgoing calls from Canada to Canadian numbers and incoming calls while in Canada).

I hope this answers your question!
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