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Telemarketing call?

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I've been receiving calls daily from the same number 1-844-277-6920. Sometimes 2-3 times a day for a week straight! When I answer, the caller hangs up. When I don't answer they leave voicemail where someone says hello? Then hangs up after. I have seen some posts saying this number is a scam pretending to be "Fido"? Is it Fido? How do I get it to stop?



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Re: Telemarketing call?

Welcome to the community @kimberlyhou! Smiley Happy


The number is indeed from us. It's odd the call disconnects afterwards however. If it happens again, let us know so we can send you a PM and see what's going on.  

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Re: Telemarketing call?

Are the telemarketing people allowed to ask for SIN or Bank account number for a promotional offer on Pre-paid?

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Re: Telemarketing call?

Hey @ClienD


This kind of information is not required for a prepaid account. 


Just to clarify though, if it was for a migration to a bring your own phone monthly plan ( not to be confused with a prepaid plan) this information could have been requested to perform a credit evaluation. A credit evaluation is required to have a postpaid account!   


Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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Re: Telemarketing call?

If you call them back, you can remove your phone number from their calling list Smiley Happy
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Re: Telemarketing call?

I've been registered on the DO NOT CALL list for 3 years and I still get calls from this number.

This is something that Fido should not be doing - especially when we all have to pay for Fido's unwanted telemarketing **bleep**.

Pull up your socks.


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Re: Telemarketing call?

Hey @bananna,


I get your frustration and I'll be happy to remove you from our marketing list.


Ultimately, you can also block the number from your device if it's a feature that your phone model provides.


I'll send you a PM to get started Smiley Happy


For future reference, check out all the ways to contact us for account specific questions.

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