We’re looking for your feedback!

We’re looking for your feedback!

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Hey Community,


We’re currently looking for feedback on the Fido.ca Facebook login feature.


For the unfamiliar, clicking this button (see image below) allows you to log into your Fido.ca My Account by entering your Facebook credentials instead of your Fido.ca credentials.


FB Login EN.jpg

Are you using it? If so, please tell us what you think by posting a comment below. Do you use it because it’s a time saver? Do you not use it for such and such reason? Please share your experience. There are no wrong answers.


To be clear, we’re looking for general feedback on the Facebook login feature itself, but if you feel like sharing any other login feedback, please, by all means Smiley


Thanks again for sharing. The more feedback we receive, the better!




I'm Experienced Level 3
I'm Experienced Level 3

I don't use it, though I'm sure some do. I really dislike having everything linked to FB and them having information about what my online life is. I don't like ads showing up on FB that are related to somewhere I was just browsing. I like to pretend that I have SOME  privacy online.  😉 

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

@Original_Lucy I totally get that! I still get frightened when ads show up on my FB; sometimes I feel like they can read my thoughts. :p Thanks for your feedback. Smiley

I'm a Contributor Level 1 LAVALBABY
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Not a fan of the facebook login. I don't use it. 

@FidoMariaWell Facebook does scan through your posts. They have a new "service" of scanning post for people that might be having suicidal thoughts/tendancies in order to provide help to them. 

I'm Back Kraven
I'm Back

I don’t use FB. ITS A BIG INVASION OF MY LIFE.  The fact they sell our information for profit disturbs me. The fact Fido jumped into  bed with them well that’s just not cool. It means they now know we do business with Fido and that’s another level of invasion where they sell the information to others. They may not know how many services we use with Fido but they know we are a Fido customer.   


Hey @Kraven


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


We do offer the option to log in with your Facebook account but it's in no way mandatory. You can use the regular log in if that's what you prefer or if you don't use Facebook.